Digital Variac

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Digital Variac and we are also specialized in Calibration Services. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Variacs are normally used to verify Line Regulation of Transformer, Power Supply, UPS etc. This demands monitoring of Input Voltage and Input Current of Unit under Test. User monitors these two parameters with two extra Digital Meters or sometimes with Multimeter, which is expensive.

In addition, time is wasted in making connections to external meters. Confusion in wiring cause damage of meters which is further costly.

Technical Specification

Model ZMDV5
Digital Meter voltage & Current 31/2digits
Input Power 240 VAC, 50 Hz
Voltage Range 0 to 270 VAC
Controls Voltage setting by knob of variac
Current Range 0 to 5 A AC
Metering 3½ digit 7 Segment Display to indicate voltage & current
Accuracy 1%
Protection Against Overload

Note : Other Models Of Required Current Range Can Be Supplied On Demand

Digital Variac
Technical Specification

Model ZMDV
Input 415 ph-ph V, 3 ph 4 Wire
Output 0 to 415 V AC, 10A Output setting by Knob of Variac.
Accuracy of voltmeter and ammeter (With selector switch to indicate Vrn, Vyn, Vbn, Vry, Vyb, Vbr) and ammeter (Ar, Ay, Ab) : 1.5%rdg ± 3dgt.
Resolution 3½ digit
Protection Overload protection by input MCCB
Note : We Can Upgrade Products With Time To Give Improved Quality